A yoga routine to help women put #HerHealthFirst

Pragya Bhatt

April 2, 2020

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in lifestyle-related diseases among women. One of the reasons could be that women, juggling work and home, pay little attention to their health on a daily basis.

I would know. A software engineer, I had a sedentary job. I never realised how quickly I could gain weight just by sitting for hours! One day, I stepped on the scale and realised I was up to 69 kg. That really shook me up and forced to me reassess my lifestyle. My sedentary job was no excuse. After all, who has a running job?

Every woman needs to put #HerHealthFirst and in my bid to do so, I first examined my daily routine. I cut out my daily after work cold coffee for starters, which also helped regularise my sleep. I also began choosing nutritious foo options when I went out to eat. In terms of exercise, I found that yoga was most effective for my body. I started out by losing inches, and gradually began to enjoy yoga enough to pursue it professionally and share my insights with others.

To support HealthifyMe’s Women’s Day campaign encouraging women to put #HerHealthFirst, I’ve kicked off a yoga series on my blog. I’ve chosen eight basic asanas for women that form a complete workout routine, can be easily executed at home and are excellent for health and fitness.

Here’s a quick look. Click on the link below each image for a step-by-step demonstration on how to perform the asana and the benefits:

Pose #1 – Virabhadrasana 1

pragya bhattA hip opening asana that helps tone and stretch the muscles of the lower back. Click here for more

Pose #2 – Virabhadrasana 2

pragya bhatt

Channelize your inner Warrior with this asana that stretches your thighs, hips and back and also improves breathing.

Pose #3 – Parsvakonasana

pragya bhattGreat to strengthen the quads, knees and ankles. Alleviates menstrual discomfort and is useful in conditions such as PCOS/PCOD.

Pose #4 – Trikonasana

pragya bhattGreat for the legs and torso, and also good for digestion.

Pose #5 – Setu Bandhasana

Pragya bhattThe bridge pose stretches the chest, neck and spine.

Pose #6– Malasanapragya bhatt

An age-old posture forgot as we adopt a modern lifestyle. Strengthens the legs, ankles and knees.

There’s no better day than Women’s Day to start your transformation. So be sure to #HerHealthFirst!

About the Author

For Pragya, yoga isn’t just exercise. It’s a way of life, one by which a person can attain a flexible and supple body and mind. With a B.Tech in computer science & engineering from Punjab Technical University, Pragya’s decision to teach yoga grew from a personal goal to deepen her own practice. She quit her day job to take her learnings to others. She believes that practicing yoga has brought balance to her life, and she wants HealthifyMe users to experience the same. How can she help accomplish that? By being creative, says Pragya. Of the opinion a balanced lifestyle equals healthy living, Pragya recommends you work out first thing in the morning and meditate right before going to sleep. And while self-motivation can pose a challenge for most yoga practitioners, Pragya assures she will be watching your every move.

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