7 reasons you need to eat more oats

Neha Jain

March 9, 2023

Eat more oats, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, In modern times, we could well replace this apple with oats. An apple a day, it is said, keeps the doctor away. In modern times, we could well replace the apple with oats.

A bowl of oatmeal has everything to keep you fit and healthy and help you live longer. Aim for the ½-1 cup of oats every single day.

We give you seven reasons that eating oatmeal is perhaps the best thing you can do for your body:

#1 It keeps your heart healthy

A study at Tufts University showed that antioxidants called avenanthramide found in oatmeal help prevent free radicals from damaging LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, beta-glucan, a soluble fibre found in oatmeal, has been proven effective in lowering cholesterol.

#2 It controls blood sugar

Eating oats can slow the rise in blood glucose levels over a longer time period. Control of blood glucose and insulin levels is essential in preventing health risks such as diabetes. Oats are most effective when consumed as part of a low-fat, high-fibre diet taken along with plenty of exercise.

#3 It helps fight cancer

Ladies take note. Oatmeal, like other whole grains, contains plant lignans, which are thought to protect against breast and other hormone-dependent cancers. It also has phytochemicals that are believed to reduce a person’s risk of getting cancer. Research has shown that women who have a higher intake of dietary fibre have lower circulating oestrogen levels, which may lower the risk of breast cancer.

#4 It helps reduce blood pressure

With high blood pressure becoming a common health issue, oatmeal can be really effective. A daily serving of oats can help reduce hypertension, or high blood pressure, considerably. You can say goodbye to that hypertension medication!

#5 It supports healthy bowel function

Oats have high fibre content, which is necessary for regular bowel movements. They are also high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Insoluble fibre is spongy and absorbs many times its own weight of liquid. As a result, the stools become heavier and their passage through the gut speeds up, relieving constipation.

#6 It helps control weight

A cup of your favourite oatmeal is only 130 calories and is one of the foods that can help torch belly fat!  It also makes you feel fuller for longer, reducing those hunger pangs. Research suggests that children between ages 2-18 years old who consumed oatmeal regularly lowered their risk of obesity. They were 50 per cent less likely to become overweight when compared to those children that did not eat it!

#7 It boosts overall general health

Of all grains, oats have one of the best amino acid profiles and a good balance of essential fatty acids, linked to longevity and general good health. They are a good source of essential vitamins such as thiamin, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid and vitamin E. They also contain zinc, selenium, copper, iron, manganese and magnesium. Where else can one find all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and fatty acids in one food item?

Have oats for breakfast, make it an office pantry staple or load it with fruits for a low-cal dessert. Fix yourself a bowl now!

About the Author

She may have multiple degrees to back her expertise, but Neha Jain believes there’s nothing too complex about nutrition. Neha completed her MSc in Food and Nutrition from Delhi University and also did a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences. Neha is also a Certified Diabetes Educator with extensive experience in endocrinological disorders and weight reduction, having worked with renowned endocrinologist Dr Ambrish Mithal in Delhi. Neha’s goal has always been to help people make healthy choices, and while at HealthifyMe, she always felt that her task was simplified with its technology.

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