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thattu vadai



Thattu Vadai, a popular street food snack from Tamil Nadu region of India, is crispy, spicy and utterly delicious. It is commonly prepared from Chana Dal(bengal gram), urad dal and red chillies. Typically, these vadais are served in pairs along with freshly chopped onions, grated carrot, and fried gram dal. It's a perfect snack for tea time.

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Chana Dal, soaked

1 cup

Urad Dal, soaked

1/2 cup

Red Chilies


Salt to taste

sufficient Oil for deep frying



Step 1:

Soak the Chana Dal and Urad Dal for a minimum of 2 hours.

Step 2:

Next, grind the dals along with the red chillies in a mixer into a coarse paste.

Step 3:

Take the mixture out into a bowl and add salt as per taste.

Step 4:

Mix well and shape the mixture into small round and flat vadais.

Step 5:

Heat the oil in a pan for deep frying.

Step 6:

Once the oil is hot, fry the vadais until golden brown.

Step 7:

Serve the Thattu Vadai with freshly chopped onions, grated carrot and fried gram dal.

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