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Indian raita is a yogurt-based side dish, oftentimes used as a cooling companion for spicy foods. It consists of beaten yogurt and can be made in a variety of types, such as cucumber raita, onion raita, fruit raita etc. Most commonly, it's garnished with spices like roasted cumin powder, black salt and sometimes topped with fresh herbs.

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plain yogurt

2 cups



small onion


small green chili, finely chopped (optional)


Salt to taste

roasted cumin powder

1/2 teaspoon

black salt

1/4 teaspoon

chopped fresh cilantro

1 tablespoon



Step 1:

Grate the cucumber and chop the onion finely.

Step 2:

In a large bowl, whisk the yogurt until smooth.

Step 3:

Add in the grated cucumber, chopped onion, and chopped green chili. Mix well.

Step 4:

Next, add in the roasted cumin powder, black salt, and regular salt to taste. Stir until well combined.

Step 5:

Finally, top with the chopped fresh cilantro and give it one more good stir.

Step 6:

Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving, this allows all the flavours to come together. Serve your raita alongside your favourite curry or biryani dish.

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