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punjabi kadhi recipe



Punjabi Kadhi is a delightful yogurt and gram flour based dish, traditionally from the Punjabi region of the Indian subcontinent. It is known for its thick, tangy and spicy gravy. This curry is usually served with boiled rice or roti and is loved for its comforting, warming nature. The dish also features pakora, or fritters, made from onion and gram flour, which give it a hearty, satisfying feel.

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Step 1:

To prepare the pakoras, mix all the ingredients together to form a thick batter. Deep fry spoonfuls of the batter in hot oil until golden brown. Drain on an absorbent paper and set aside.

Step 2:

For the kadhi, blend the curd, water, gram flour, turmeric powder and salt in a large bowl. Transfer the mixture to a deep pan and bring to a boil, stirring continuously. Simmer for 30 mins, stirring occasionally.

Step 3:

For the tempering, heat the ghee in a small pan. Add the fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, red chillies and curry leaves and sauté for a few seconds. Pour the tempering over the kadhi.

Step 4:

Add the pakoras to the kadhi and simmer for 10 minutes. Serve hot with boiled rice or roti.

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