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Morning Breakfast is the very first meal of the day and is considered the most vital one. It is typically consumed in the morning. The word in English refers to breaking the fasting period of the past night. It is a nutritious way to start off your day. Popular morning breakfast items include eggs, bacon, toast, cereals, fruits, tea or coffee and so on.

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2 strips

whole grain bread

1 slice

mixed berries

1/4 cup

green tea

1 cup



Step 1:

Crack the eggs in a heated frying pan and scramble them.

Step 2:

On another pan, cook the bacon strips until they are crispy.

Step 3:

Slice and toast the whole grain bread in a toaster.

Step 4:

Serve the scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and toast on a plate.

Step 5:

On the side, serve a cup of washed mixed berries.

Step 6:

Have a cup of green tea as your accompanying drink. You can add a bit of honey for additional flavor.

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