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Khichdi is a traditional Indian dish that's considered a comfort food. Made with a combination of rice and lentils, it's a complete meal, often cooked with turmeric and salt, making it a yellow-tinged, savory dish. You can add different vegetables like peas, potatoes, cauliflower, and more. It's often given to people who are recovering from illness because it’s easy to digest and nutritious.

Get the best of both worlds - the taste you love and the health benefits you need - with khichdi

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1 cup

moong dal (split yellow lentils)

1/2 cup

turmeric powder

1/2 teaspoon


1 teaspoon


4 cups

ghee (clarified butter)

2 tablespoons

cumin seeds

1 teaspoon

mustard seeds

1/2 teaspoon

red chilli powder

1/2 teaspoon

green chillies


chopped vegetables (optional)

1/2 cup



Step 1:

Wash the rice and moong dal thoroughly.

Step 2:

In a pressure cooker, add the washed rice, moong dal, turmeric powder, salt, and water.

Step 3:

Cook on medium heat for three whistles, then turn off the heat and let it stand until the pressure releases.

Step 4:

In a small pan, heat the ghee and add the cumin seeds, mustard seeds, red chilli powder, and green chillies.

Step 5:

Once the mixture starts crackling, add this tempering to the khichdi.

Step 6:

Mix well and serve hot with curd or pickle.

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