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hyderabadi biryani



Hyderabadi Biryani is a variety of biryani from Hyderabad, India. It is prepared in the form of kacchi (raw) biryani, and dum (steam) method is used for cooking. It's traditionally made with basmati rice, spices, and goat, beef, chicken, or fish. The harmony of flavors, all permeating into the tender meat and fluffy rice, is what makes Hyderabadi Biryani legendary.

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basmati rice

2 cups

meat (chicken, mutton or beef)

1 lb


1 cup

lemon juice

1 tablespoon

biryani masala

2 tablespoons


1 tablespoon

garlic paste

large onions, sliced


green chilies, slit


chopped tomatoes

1 cup

fresh coriander leaves

1/4 cup

fresh mint leaves

1/4 cup


4 cups

oil or ghee (clarified butter)

4 tablespoons

Salt to taste



Step 1:

Soak the basmati rice in water for 30 minutes.

Step 2:

Marinate the meat in yogurt, lemon juice, biryani masala, and ginger-garlic paste. Let it marinate for at least 2 hours.

Step 3:

In a large pan, heat the oil or ghee. Add the sliced onions and green chilies and fry until the onions are brown.

Step 4:

Add the marinated meat and tomatoes to the pan. Cook until the meat is tender and the tomatoes are soft.

Step 5:

Boil the water in a separate pot. Add the soaked rice to the boiling water and cook until the rice is 70% cooked. Drain the water.

Step 6:

Layer the partially cooked rice over the meat in the pan. Sprinkle the coriander and mint leaves on top.

Step 7:

Cover the pan with a tight lid. Cook on low heat for 30 minutes. The steam (dum) will cook the rice and meat completely.

Step 8:

Uncover the biryani, mix lightly, and serve hot.

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