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how to make carrot juice



Carrot juice is a popular health drink made from fresh carrots. It is rich in beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in the body. Consuming carrot juice is beneficial for maintaining eye health, boosting immunity, promoting skin health, and aiding in digestion. It’s a simple yet nutritious juice that can be easily prepared at home.

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large carrots


lemon, peeled


fresh ginger

1 inch



Step 1:

Wash the carrots under cold running water and scrub with a veggie brush to clean.

Step 2:

Cut the ends off of the carrots and chop them into 2-inch long pieces.

Step 3:

Cut the lemon in half and remove the peel.

Step 4:

Take a piece of ginger and peel off the skin.

Step 5:

Place the carrots, lemon, and ginger in a juicer.

Step 6:

Process until everything is juiced and only pulp remains in the juicer.

Step 7:

Pour the juice into a glass and enjoy fresh, or you can refrigerate it and enjoy later.

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