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garijalu recipe



Garijalu, also known as Kajjikayalu, is a traditional sweet from Andhra Pradesh, a southern state in India. This crispy and delicious sweet is stuffed with coconut, sugar, and cardamom, and is usually prepared during festive occasions. The outer layer of Garijalu offers a delightful crunch, while the sweet filling inside melts in the mouth with every bite. It is a popular dessert not just in Andhra Pradesh but in several other parts of India, however, it is known by different names in various regions.

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1 cup

purpose flour (Maida)

ghee (clarified butter)

2 tablespoons

Water as required for the dough

Salt, a pinch

grated coconut

1 cup

powdered sugar

1/2 cup

cardamom powder

1/2 teaspoon

Oil for deep frying



Step 1:

In a bowl, mix together the all-purpose flour, a pinch of salt, and ghee.

Step 2:

Gradually add water and knead to make a firm dough.

Step 3:

Cover the dough and let it rest for about 20 minutes.

Step 4:

In another bowl, mix the grated coconut, powdered sugar, and cardamom powder to prepare the filling.

Step 5:

Divide the dough into small portions and roll each into a ball.

Step 6:

Roll out each ball into a small circle, place the filling in the center, fold it into a semi-circle, and seal the edges.

Step 7:

Heat oil in a deep frying pan and deep fry the Garijalu until golden brown.

Step 8:

Drain on an absorbent paper.

Step 9:

Serve the Garijalu hot or at room temperature.

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