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Curd Rice, also known as Thayir sadam, Daddojanam, or Bagala bath is a popular dish in the Southern part of India. It is a comfort food made by mixing rice and simple curd (yogurt). Sometimes, it is seasoned with fried curry leaves, mustard seeds, and chilies. It is often considered as a food to cool the body. Moreover, it's a great way to utilize leftover rice and it’s often the grand finale of a hearty meal.

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boiled rice

1 cup

fresh curd (yogurt)

2 cups

mustard seeds

1/2 teaspoon

cumin seeds

1/2 teaspoon

urad dal

1/2 teaspoon

- 1

green chillies, chopped


to 7 curry leaves



1 tablespoon

Salt to taste



Step 1:

Prepare boiled rice and let it cool down.

Step 2:

Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, and urad dal.

Step 3:

Once mustard seeds start crackling, add chopped green chillies and curry leaves.

Step 4:

Stir for a minute and turn off the heat.

Step 5:

In a bowl, add the boiled rice. Add curd, salt and the above tempering to it.

Step 6:

Mix all together that everything mixed properly. Don't mash the rice.

Step 7:

Curd rice is ready to be served. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and pomegranate seeds.

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