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cauliflower manchurian



Cauliflower Manchurian, also known as Gobi Manchurian, is a popular Indo-Chinese dish which is loved by people of all ages. It is spicy, flavorful and has an intense taste. This dish is made by deep frying cauliflower florets and then tossing them in a Manchurian sauce. This dish can be served as a starter or a side dish.

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medium size cauliflower, cut into florets



1 cup

purpose flour

corn flour

1/2 cup

soy sauce

1 teaspoon

chilli sauce

1 teaspoon

pepper powder

1/2 teaspoon

ginger garlic paste

1/2 teaspoon

Salt to taste

Oil for deep frying For the sauce



Step 1:

Mix the all-purpose flour, corn flour, soy sauce, chilli sauce, pepper powder, ginger garlic paste and salt in a bowl. Add water and make a thick batter.

Step 2:

Dip the cauliflower florets in the batter and deep fry them until they are crisp and golden. Drain on a paper towel.

Step 3:

Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan. Add the finely chopped garlic, ginger, green chillies, onion and bell pepper. Saute for a few minutes until the onions turn translucent.

Step 4:

Add the soy sauce, chilli sauce, tomato ketchup and pepper powder. Mix well.

Step 5:

Add the corn flour slurry and cook until the sauce thickens.

Step 6:

Add the fried cauliflower florets and toss well until they are well coated with the sauce.

Step 7:

Garnish with spring onions and serve hot.

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