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HealthifyMe is a leading health & fitness app userd by over 30 million people all over the world. Accurate calorie tracking, premium coaches and doctor support for conditions like PCOS, diabities, thyroid, and cholestrol are just some of the reasons why people lve platform.

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We help you calorie track over 20,000 Indian foods with complete with nutritional information, making it easier to know more about what we eat and more
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Address the Root cause

We do a comprehensive health assessment by understanding your medical history, reviewing your medications, and analysing your diagnostic reports.

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Rebuild Relationship with Food

We help you build a positive relationship with food by teaching you how to balance nutrition with the foods you love. No guilt, no stress.

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Focus on Accountability

We track your progress by analysing your diet, health, and help you stay accountable by providing feedback through coach follow-ups, doctor consultations.

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Ravisha transformation Ravisha transformation
I Healthified from 75 to 60 kg and said goodbye to hormonal imbalance and irregular periods.
With the HealthifyMe app, Ravisha lost 15 Kg and said goodbye to hormonal imbalance
Priya transformation Priya transformation
I Healthified from 65 to 52 kg to beat cholesterol.
With the HealthifyMe app, Priya lost 13 Kg and beat cholesterol
Resha transformation Resha transformation
I Healthified from 59.6 to 48 kg and got thyroid and cholesterol levels down.
With the HealthifyMe app, Resha lost 11 Kg and got her thyroid levels down in 8 months.
Abhijoy transformation Abhijoy transformation
I lost 12 kg and improved my BP levels from 150/90 to 135/78.
With the HealthifyMe app, Abhijoy lost 12 Kg and Improved his BP levels.
Sunil transformation Sunil transformation
I lost 15 kg and went from Pre-diabetes to no diabetes.
With the HealthifyMe app, Sunil lost 15 Kg and went to no diabetes.
Rajat transformation Rajat transformation
I Healthified from 78 to 60 kg to lose post surgery weight.
With the HealthifyMe app, Rajat lost 18 Kg and to lose post surgery weight.
Dr Shweta's transformation Dr Shweta's transformation
Dr Shweta
I Healthified from 82 to 64 kg to lose post pregnancy weight.
With the HealthifyMe app, Sagar lost 17 Kg and Lost his pandemic weight.

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Sure. You can chat with one of our Senior Coaches who will understand your body type, lifestyle, cuisine preferences, weight gain history, medical conditions (if any) & can suggest the best suited plan for you.

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Post payment your plan will be activated immediately but you can request for a plan pause anytime. So if you want your plan to start later you can always use this option post purchasing the plan.

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You get to choose your own coach. Once you purchase a plan & install the app you will get to choose your coach or coaches (depending on whether you buy the 1 Coach Plan or 2 Coach Plan).

Which diet is best for weight loss?

There is no 'one fits all’ diet plan for weight loss. As we know so well, each individual is unique and comes with his or her own set of health strengths or setbacks. Moreover, there are no shortcuts in this journey which will lead to only short-term results. Here we will give you a quick look into various food/ diet plans that might assist you with reaching your weight loss goals. 1. Ketogenic Diet- It is a high-fat, low-carb meal plan that has taken over the diet industry. A Keto diet plan aims to keep your carb intake to zero throughout the day. Anyone starting the keto diet will immediately notice a significant reduction in bloat and water weight. 2. Paleo Diet- Processed foods and high-carbohydrate foods have a negative impact on blood sugar levels. Hence, the paleo diet can help lower blood sugar levels and body fat by eliminating these foods from your diet. As a result, the diet allows you to achieve your weight loss goals. 3. Intermittent Fasting- This is one of the most popular weight loss plans because of the flexibility it provides. Intermittent fasting reduces caloric intake by consuming fewer meals. This has a direct impact on hormone and insulin levels, which aid in weight loss. Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of all, is that you lose belly fat and visceral fat. 4. Vegan or Plant-Based- A plant-based or vegan diet is high in antioxidants, fibre, and vitamins, and it aids in weight maintenance. 5. Mediterranean Diet- Many people lose weight by following the Mediterranean diet due to its high vegetable content and healthy fat content. According to research, it may result in lower central weight (around your belly area) when compared to a low-fat diet. 6. Volumetrics- A volumetric diet is a slow and steady process in which the body consistently loses small amounts of fat over time. Furthermore, unlike extreme weight-loss diets, this diet allows the body plenty of time to adjust to dietary changes and internal bodily changes. 7. DASH Diet- According to research, people who follow the DASH diet may lose weight. Those who lost weight on the DASH diet, on the other hand, were in a managed calorie deficit, which means they consumed fewer calories than they expended. 8. Flexitarian Diet- A flexitarian diet is a well-balanced diet that excludes meat. As a result, it contains fewer calories than a vegetarian diet. A study also discovered that eating plant-based or vegetarian cuisine provides essential nutrients while lowering cholesterol and saturated fat levels in the body, resulting in weight loss. 9. Atkins diet- The Atkins diet, like the keto diet, is likely to promote weight loss due to the appetite-suppressing effects of a high-protein and low-carb eating pattern. Depending on how many carbs you consume each day, it will almost certainly put you into ketosis.

What are the main tips to lose weight?

Various factors, including your diet, lifestyle, stress levels, medical conditions, etc., impact your body weight. Furthermore, factors like age, gender, hereditary factors etc. define your optimum body weight. Although losing weight can sound very challenging, following the right practices can make the task easier for you. A healthier approach to losing weight involves balancing multiple factors like modified diets, increasing daily physical activities, positive lifestyle modification, stress reductions etc. We’ve listed down a few easy and efficient ways to help you with your weight loss journey. Eat Home-cooked Food A perfectly balanced home-cooked meal contains a rounded set of nutrients, fulfilling the daily requirement. A study suggests that when the body receives the required nutrients, it improves satiety levels, leaving no room for unnecessary junk food cravings. This in turn means no extra calories putting you on a better pathway for weight loss. Practise Mindful Eating Be mindful of what you eat and how much you consume. Anything in small amounts does not do much harm. If you’re craving your favourite death by chocolate beyond measure, have a small cup of it. If you are worried that you may overeat your favourite rice and curry, use a smaller plate to eat. Mindful eating also involves eating slowly. When your mind is occupied with something else while you eat, it tends to delay the satiety signal and thus you are more likely to overeat than you otherwise would. Eating slowly also facilitates digestion and boosts metabolism. Count Your Calories The best way to do this is to maintain a calorie budget. Make a budget similar to the one you would be making to manage your fiscal affairs. Keep track of the number of calories you consume and burn in a day to avoid its disbalance. For example, if you eat an extra portion of rice during lunchtime, reduce rice intake during dinner time. That’s how you can keep within your daily caloric budget. Know Your Nutrients Protein is a macronutrient and a bodybuilding nutrient. It will keep you full for longer, hence reducing your cravings and preventing binge eating. Interestingly, foods high in protein are also low in calories, so it's a win-win. Consider including lean meat, eggs, fish, dairy products or soya. Just like protein, fibre is a satiating food. Since you feel full for longer, you will not binge on any food. Fruits and vegetables or multigrain roti are high in fibre and low in calories. Controlling your sugar intake is an important part of your weight loss journey. Including good fats in your diet can help you manage sugar cravings and help in your weight loss journey. Nuts are high in minerals and a source of good fats. So try to snack on nuts and see how you restrain yourself from eating chocolates or brownies. Get Adequate Sleep Sleep influences leptin and ghrelin, two important appetite hormones in your body. The former decreases appetite, and the latter stimulates appetite. Therefore, poor sleep leads to higher ghrelin levels and low leptin levels, making you more likely to overeat. Consequently, increased calorie intake due to disrupted appetite hormones results in weight gain. Waking up early after sleeping for decent hours aids in weight loss. Early risers show better biological clock rhythm, eat high-energy, healthy foods, and stay active throughout the day. Thus, directing them to a better weight loss schedule. Conclusively, stay true to your promise and be consistent. Do not give up too quickly. Remember, good things take time. Understand that it’s a long-term commitment. Quick weight loss is a myth and may result in unhealthy weight loss causing detrimental effects on your health. Finally, remember these tips will only work if you keep yourself physically active. You can do any form of exercise ranging from yoga, pilates, HIIT, weight training or simply walking. You can read more about these weight loss tips in this article.

Which exercise is best for weight loss?

The importance of exercise and regular physical activity is well-known. However, our busy lives keep us occupied and thus we are unable to inculcate regular exercise in our daily lives which leads to weight gain and subsequent health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other metabolic conditions. Unlike fad diets, weight loss exercises are healthy for your body. If followed right, they can help maintain your body weight sustainably in the long term. Here are a few exercises that one can do at home to achieve their fitness goals. Squats Squats engage and strengthen the lower body and core muscles. It also aids weight loss with the increase in the production of anabolic hormones. Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your toes facing straight ahead or angled slightly outward. Slowly bend your knees and squat, sending the hips back behind you, while keeping your torso straight and your abs pulled in tightly. Keep your knees behind your toes. Make sure everything's pointing in the same direction. Squat as low as you can, and push into your heels to stand up. Squat Variations Squat with one dumbbell Squat with dumbbells Barbell squat Wide leg squat Front squat Wall sit One-leg squat Planks Plank is one of the best exercises that help you strengthen your core, spine, arms, back and shoulders. It engages all the body muscles between your shoulders to toes and helps in tightening the midsection. Lie face down on the mat with your elbows resting on the floor next to your chest. Push your body off the floor in a push-up position resting it on your elbows or hands. Contract the abs and keep the body in a straight line from head to toe. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat as many times as you can. For beginners, do this move on your knees and gradually work your way up to balancing on your toes. III. Lunges Shaping and strengthening your lower body is needed to torch calories for weight loss. Stand in a split stance (one leg forward, one leg back). Bend your knees and lower your body into a lunge position, keeping the front knee and back knee at 90-degree angles. Keeping the weight in your heels, push back up (slowly) to starting position. Don’t lock your knees at the top or let them bend past your toes. Do this exercise two to three times per week for 12 to 16 reps. Variations include front lunges, back lunges, and side lunges. IV. Inclined Push-ups Working on your chest and core can be beneficial for weight loss and inclined push-ups can at least burn 7 calories per minute. If you’re a beginner or don’t have as much upper body strength, this is a good exercise to start with. Start on all fours with hands a bit wider than the shoulders. Walk the knees back a bit in order to lean your weight on the hands and flatten the back from the head down to the back of the knees. Pull the abs in and keeping your back straight, bend the elbows and lower body toward the floor until the elbows are at 90-degree angles. Push back up and repeat for 1 to 3 sets of 10 to 16 reps. The key to weight loss is following a workout routine planned as per your goals and requirements. Ideally, consult a certified fitness trainer to plan a workout routine suited best for you. One’s weight loss goals are also dependent on dietary and lifestyle habits. It takes a combination of a good workout routine and a proper diet plan to ensure weight loss. Read more about weight loss exercises and their positive effects on other aspects of your health.

is keto diet good for weight loss?

A ketogenic or keto diet focuses on substantially lowering carbohydrate consumption and substituting it with a higher fat intake. Known as the ‘fat-busting diet’, the ketogenic diet recommends a combination of high fat (70-80%), adequate protein (15-30%) and low carbohydrates (5-10%) consumption that changes the way energy is used by our bodies. Depriving the body of carbohydrates leads to a reduction in glucose, the primary energy source. This instigates the creation of an alternative fuel called ketones from stored fats in the liver which provides for the energy requirements of the brain. This works extremely well for those people who have hit a weight loss plateau and are keen to change their metabolic system. According to research, the ketogenic diet is more beneficial than a low-fat diet for weight reduction. The low-carb and high-fat structure of a ketogenic diet causes the body’s metabolism to modify. Low-carb diets help get rid of excess water from the body. This lowers insulin levels, leading to rapid weight loss in the first couple of weeks. Furthermore, low-carb diets can play a crucial role in reducing visceral belly fat. In fact, people that follow low-carb diets lose more weight from the abdominal cavity than anywhere else. One of the main side effects of following a diet is hunger cravings. While this may lead to a lot of people giving up on their diets, a keto diet results in the reduction of one’s appetite owing to it’s protein intake. Protein takes longer to digest and keeps one satiated for longer thereby reducing calorie intake. There exists different variations of the keto. They differ in consuming food groups – carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Standard ketogenic diet: The daily meal plan of a person following a normal ketogenic diet consists of only 10% carbs, 20% protein, and 70% fats. High protein ketogenic diet: The protein ratio increases to 35% while decreasing the daily fat consumption to 60% and carbs to 5%. Cyclical ketogenic diet: You can follow a cyclical keto diet with five days for the standard keto plan and two days for high carb intake. Targeted ketogenic diet: You can enter into an alternative keto plan if you’re physically active. It allows carb consumption before a workout. Knowing what your diet has in store for you is of utmost importance. While there are plenty of ways to learn more about keto diets, it is widely recommended that you speak to a certified dietitian before starting one. Only after doing adequate research on it, and a go-ahead from your dietitian, should you decide to start a keto diet. Regardless of the source, ensure that you know what you are getting yourself into. You need to be completely aware of the benefits and risks of a ketogenic diet and foods you should eat and avoid.

Is intermittent fasting a good way to lose weight?

Yes, as per research, it's one of the more effective ways to help you lose weight. Most people try intermittent fasting because of the weight loss that occurs when following this plan. Intermittent fasting reduces caloric intake by consuming fewer meals. Hence, it directly impacts hormone and insulin levels, which aid in weight loss. Fasting also stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a fat-burning hormone. Even if you fast only for a few hours, your metabolic rate increases by 3.6 to 14%. By eating fewer calories and burning more, you change the calorie equation and promote weight loss. Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting is an effective tool for weight loss. Intermittent fasting resulted in an 8% weight loss over a 24-week period, according to a 2014 study conducted at the University of Illinois at Chicago. When compared to other methods, this is a significant amount of weight loss. This same study discovered that people who practiced intermittent fasting could lose up to 7% of their waist and belly fat, which is a known contributor to disease. Participants in this study lost an average of 0.55 pounds per week. It is also critical to exercise in conjunction with IF; this has been shown to aid in fat loss and muscle gain. In a nutshell, intermittent fasting can and will help you lose weight as long as you don't compensate by overeating during the permitted times. Aside from weight loss, there are numerous advantages to metabolic health and the prevention of chronic diseases. Following the Intermittent Fasting method can be difficult, but the hacks listed below can be beneficial for your weight loss journey. 1. Method 16-8 The Leangains protocol is another name for this. Following that, you will skip breakfast and limit your eating time to 8 hours. For example, you could eat between 1 and 9 p.m., but then fast for the next 16 hours. 2. 5:2 Diet Normally, you eat for five days and limit your calorie intake to 500 to 600 calories on two non-consecutive days of the week, namely Tuesday and Thursday. 3. Eat-Stop-Eat You will fast for 24 hours once or twice a week under this plan. Then, on non-fasting days, eat normally. You lose weight by reducing your calorie intake with intermittent fasting. However, it will only work if you do not overeat junk food or compensate by eating more during permitted eating times. A majority of people prefer the 16-8 method because it is more sustainable, simple, and easy to implement. It's no surprise it's also the most popular! Therefore, Intermittent fasting has been shown to have numerous positive health effects, including weight loss, disease prevention, reduced inflammation, better blood sugar control, and improved brain function. But more importantly, it might lengthen and enhance the quality of your life.

Which food is best for weight loss?

Eating right has a key role to play in one’s weight loss aspirations. It is important to consume foods that are low in calories and rich in nutrients in order to achieve your goals. The search for the best weight-loss foods can be quite a difficult task. With so many options in the market, people are often left confused and demotivated. Choosing to eat homemade, fresh and unprocessed food items can play a big role in your weight loss journey. We’ve listed down key food items that can help you with better weight management. Eggs Eggs are one of the healthiest diet foods for weight loss. Studies show that including eggs in a weight management diet may offer a nutritious supplement to enhance weight loss. They contain a high amount of healthy protein and healthy fats. Furthermore, having eggs for breakfast makes you feel fuller for longer thus preventing overeating. Leafy-green Vegetables According to studies, green leafy vegetables like spinach, drumstick leaves, fenugreek and mustard leaves are incredibly efficient in promoting weight loss. Being low in calories and high in fibre, these foods provide a feeling of fullness. They are packed with antioxidants and essential minerals which are very healthy in the long run. Cruciferous Vegetables Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower have a combination of protein, fibre and low energy density, making them an ideal food for weight loss. Research shows that broccoli juice reduces weight by supporting and boosting bodily functions like insulin sensitivity and good bacteria modulation. Whole Grains Whole grains are packed with fibre and healthy amounts of protein. Substituting your refined carbohydrates with whole grains is a sure way to boost your weight loss journey. Whole grains like oats, quinoa and brown rice are extremely healthy alternatives to white rice and refined wheat, as supported by this research. Legumes We often hear our parents and adults say that legumes like beans and lentils are good for health and this study proves them right, specifically in terms of weight management. Black beans and kidney beans can be used in numerous Indian recipes and are great for weight loss. Being high in protein and fibre, they can keep you full for hours and therefore prevent us from eating empty calories. Fresh Fruits Fruits contain little to no fat, which is why they are the ideal addition to your weight loss diet. They are packed with high levels of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, and everything else you need to stay fit and healthy. Choosing the right fruit will ensure that you lose weight and keep it from coming back. The key to a fruit diet for weight loss is moderation. Keep an eye on your portions so you can get the most out of these delicious foods. Fruits like apples, pears, papaya, bananas and oranges have proven to be the best foods for weight loss. Here’s a detailed list of the best and worst fruits for weight loss. Nuts Healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts and pistachios are packed with healthy omega-3 fats and are also high in protein. Snacking on nuts during the day and in between meals is a healthy way to promote weight loss. Nuts are also filling and can keep you satiated in between meals. Additionally, protein reduces the level of Ghrelin- the hunger hormone and increases the production of Peptide YY – the hormone responsible for making you feel full. Chicken Breast Although meat is high in calories, chicken breast is packed with healthy protein and fats. It is one of the best foods for weight loss. As it is a slice of lean meat, it can help you cut out the need for excess carbohydrates in your food. Research shows that increased protein intake helps promote weight loss in an efficient manner by helping maintain your muscle mass and boosting your metabolic health. Fish Fish, when cooked correctly, can be an extremely efficient food to eat for weight loss. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids and is packed with protein and healthy nutrients. Fish can be cooked in a number of ways and is an ideal lean protein to consume for weight loss. It can also provide good amounts of iodine. Read this article to know how fish oil may spur weight loss. Soup Soups are a very healthy way to start a meal. Home-cooked soup can include plenty of vegetables and lentils. These provide plenty of nutrients as well as health benefits. It has been observed in studies that having a small bowl of soup before your meal will provide you with the right nutrients to keep you full and prevent you from overeating. Here’s a magic soup that guarantees weight loss. Conclusively, eating a diet rich in a variety of micro and macronutrients needed by the body to function well, will help in weight loss as well. Avoid junk, processed, refined foods along with highly fried and sugary items. Keep yourself away from sugary drinks and alcohol which are nothing but empty calories. Read this article to know more about the best weight loss foods.

Which drink is best for weight loss?

Green tea, coffee, and protein-rich drinks have all been shown to increase metabolism, encourage satiety, and lessen hunger, thus supporting weight loss. Furthermore, the following seven beverages are some of the best to include in your diet when attempting to shed pounds and improve your health. Water: When on a diet, water is the only food that can be consumed without any restrictions. In fact, it has been demonstrated that drinking water can help you lose weight by regulating your appetite and keeping you satisfied. In addition, it can also help by energising you, decreasing your food cravings, and preventing water retention. Furthermore, water has zero calories, making it a guilt-free drink. Coffee: When consumed in moderation and without too many added sweeteners, coffee can help you lose weight and benefit your overall health. Furthermore, coffee may also have a direct impact on your weight by suppressing your appetite, supporting a healthy metabolism, and enhancing your workout sessions. Green Tea: It is considered to be the most effective weight loss beverage. It contains a type of antioxidant known as catechins. Catechins help to control blood pressure, lose weight, and improve brain health. Furthermore, it increases your metabolism and aids in burning fat in the body. Black Tea: It contains flavonoids that lower triglyceride and visceral fat levels. Additionally, it contributes to reducing inflammation-related obesity, as there are only about two calories in a cup of black tea. Furthermore, it doesn't contain cholesterol or saturated fat, which promotes weight loss. Apple cider vinegar: It is like a magic potion for shedding pounds. Consuming apple cider vinegar appropriately and with caution provides numerous benefits. Also, several scientific studies have found that apple cider vinegar, especially when combined with calorie-restriction diet plans, can help people achieve their desired weight goals. High-protein drinks: People who drink high-protein drinks are less likely to overeat, making it easier for them to lose weight. In addition, when combined with exercise, a high-protein drink can help you build lean muscle. Ginger Tea: It is no secret that a healthy digestive system is an essential part of your weight loss journey. Ginger is an effective weight loss ingredient as it aids digestion. Furthermore, taking ginger extracts orally helps regulate blood pressure. Stable blood sugar means your cells aren't flooded with insulin, giving your body time between meals to burn fat for energy. As a result, it can assist you in losing weight. Hence, substituting the drinks listed above for high-calorie beverages such as soda and other unhealthy sugary juices is a smart way to cut calories and help you achieve your weight loss goals.

How to lose weight in 7 days?

You can lose weight by following a proper diet and exercise routine. On the exercise front, you can jog, skip, walk at least 10,000 steps per day, swim, and do other exercises that help the cardiovascular system. Furthermore, you can modify your diet to include more protein and fibre. Also, following the 7 hacks mentioned below might help accelerate your weight loss in 7 days. Reduce carbs, increase proteins Low carbohydrate diets are commonly used for weight loss. They are beneficial because they limit carbohydrate consumption. Simultaneously, they replace the lost carbohydrate with protein. When the carbohydrate content of the diet is extremely low, the body begins to rely on fatty acids for energy. The fatty acids are broken down into ketones. Avoid processed junk food, and eat whole foods Another key to losing weight quickly is to consume simple whole foods. These foods have a tendency to fill you up, which makes it simpler to consume fewer calories without feeling overly hungry. Reduce calorie intake Yes, keep track of your calories in order to stick to your calorie budget. Consider this: you make a budget for your house, and you stick to it in order to avoid financial problems. Similarly, you can create a calorie budget to avoid consuming extra calories. It is beneficial to keep a daily food diary. For example, if you eat an extra portion of rice at lunch, limit your rice intake at dinner. This is how you can stick to your daily caloric budget. Incorporate HIIT into your fitness regime and lift weights A high-intensity interval training (HIIT) cardio workout can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time. Furthermore, those who did HIIT workouts lost 28.5% more fat than those who did moderately intense but continuous exercise. Stay active You must understand that simply counting or tracking your calories will not suffice. It would be beneficial if you also exercised. Create a routine and exercise on a regular basis. It will feel uncomfortable for at least 15 days, but once you develop the habit, you will feel compelled to exercise every day. Try Intermittent Fasting Intermittent fasting is the practice of fasting and eating in cycles. Intermittent fasting can be done in two ways. One method is to apply the 16/8 rule. In this scenario, you limit your calorie intake to 8 hours per day. Whatever you want to eat, you must consume it within the next 8 hours. The remaining 16 hours are set aside for fasting. The 5:2 method is another popular method. This method requires you to consume as few as 500-600 calories per day twice a week. Healthy eating and moderate exercise help with weight loss in both methods. Consume More Water Water should be used instead of sugary and calorie-laden drinks. Drinking water 30 minutes before a meal can aid in weight loss by lowering calorie intake. According to new research, people who drink water 30 minutes before their meals lose 44% more weight than those who do not.

What is the diet chart to lose weight?

Much may be said about what constitutes an optimal diet plan. However, one's dietary needs vary depending on a variety of conditions. It may differ based on gender; for example, male nutritional requirements differ from those of females. Geography can also have a factor, as North Indian cuisines differ significantly from South Indian diets. Meal selections are particularly important here because the food consumption of a vegetarian or vegan vary substantially from that of a non-vegetarian. However, we have created a weight loss diet plan that includes a variety of meals. This 7-day diet plan is a general plan that gives you a fair idea of what a diet plan should consist of. Do aim to implement only after consulting a certified nutritionist.

Which fruits help in weight loss?

Fruits contain little to no fat, which is why they are the ideal addition to your weight loss diet. They are packed with high levels of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and everything else you need to stay fit and healthy. These low-calorie foods also help you keep heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes at bay. Here are some easily available fruits that are great for losing weight. Bananas Although they have high calories, bananas give a great boost of nutrients. It comes loaded with potassium, manganese, magnesium, antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre. Bananas make you feel full for longer, reducing any unnecessary cravings after a meal. It’s easy to incorporate bananas into your weight loss diet by adding them to your oatmeal, fruit salads, muesli, millets, and smoothies. Apples These sweet juicy treats are the ideal weight loss fruits thanks to their high-fibre, low-calorie values. Research shows that this polyphenol-rich fruit promotes anti-obesity effects and exerts beneficial characteristics like fighting free radicals, regulating gene expression and altering signal transduction in fat tissues. When eaten whole, apples can help control your appetite and reduce hunger. Avocados These buttery fruits are rich in fat and calories, but that shouldn’t discourage you from including them in your weight-loss diet. Studies have shown that avocados assist in weight loss and adding them to your diet will ensure that you shed a few kilos and keep them from coming back. Avocados can help you feel full for longer, decrease your appetite, and resist cravings. Berries Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are tasty fruits that improve any meal or snack. Research has further elevated these delicious juicy treats to have anti-obesogenic effects. They contain high amounts of vitamins, minerals, manganese, and antioxidants while being low on the calorie scale. Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C and manganese, and blueberries contain a high amount of vitamin K that regulates blood calcium levels and boosts bone metabolism. Berries also make you feel full very quickly, which is why you should add them to your diet. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. Berries are delicious and can be eaten whole or in smoothies, salads, or baked dishes. Grapefruit These delicious fruits are rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Regularly eating grapefruit can help you burn tummy fat, reduce waist circumference, and regulate blood pressure levels. Papaya Papayas have been a popular weight-loss fruit for many decades. This fruit contains an enzyme called papain, which boosts your metabolism and breaks down food in your system. This prevents your body from retaining too much fat and helps you lose weight. Kiwi Kiwis have a high concentration of nutrients, making them a superfood among weight-loss fruits. Each kiwi fruit contains large amounts of fibre, vitamin E, vitamin C, and folate. According to studies, eating at least two of these fruits a week can help burn belly fat and reduce your waist size. Melons Melons contain high amounts of water, which is why you feel full after eating even a small bowl of watermelon or honeydew. They are low in calories, making them excellent fruits to add to your weight-loss diet. As a natural food that provides fibre, micronutrients, and bioactive phytochemicals, watermelon may be a healthier alternative to conventional snacks. Eating fruits instead of junk food is a great way to lose weight. Choosing the right fruit will ensure that you lose weight and keep it from coming back. The key to a fruit diet for weight loss is moderation. Keep an eye on your portions so you can get the most out of these delicious foods. Here’s a detailed list of the best and worst fruits for weight loss.

Is weight loss guaranteed? What if this doesn't work for me?

95% of users who follow the diet plan & get at least some exercise into their daily routines are able to reach their target weight goal. Our coaches will help & motivate you to follow the path prescribed by them. But it's also important to set expectations right & not create over-ambitious goals which are sure to backfire. Healthy weight loss requires dedication, effort & a will to change your lifestyle. We do not prescribe any fad diets like GM diet, paleo diet or keto diet which may show short term results but ultimately fail.