August 2022

Tips to Include Yoghurt in Your Diabetes Diet

By Bhakti Mehta

Yoghurt is considered a go-to food for diabetic patients. In addition, consuming yoghurt on a regular basis can help lower blood sugar levels.

Topping your Greek yoghurt with one serving of fresh or frozen berries and one tablespoon of chopped nuts is an easy way to add crunch, protein, and healthy fats.

Yogurt can also be added to smoothies to make them thicker, creamier, and higher in protein.

As an alternative to sour cream, plain Greek yoghurt works well in dips, salads, and other dishes.

You can replace some of the mayo with yoghurt for a lighter and tangier coleslaw.

Replace sour cream with Greek yoghurt in baked products including cookies, scones, and cake.

For a healthier alternative to honey and maple syrup, drizzle Greek yoghurt over whole-grain pancakes and waffles.

If you prefer Greek yoghurt to ice cream for dessert, try a frozen container. For a delightful after-dinner treat, garnish with a quarter cup of fresh or frozen berries.

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