November 2022

7 Foods That are The Worst for Your Immunity

By Aditi Shenai

Dietary patterns and sedentary lifestyles are to blame for increased disease risk, allergies, and impaired immune response. Diets that include the following foods in particular can affect your immunity.

Selective Beverages

Soda, sweetened tea, energy drinks, juices, and especially alcoholic beverages are among the worst immune foods. They have a negative impact on our bodies, and avoiding them is in our best interests.

Sugary Goods

White sugar, also known as refined sugar, is extremely harmful to our immune system. All of the delectable candies, chocolates, cakes, bread, doughnuts, biscuits, and other desserts are loaded with white sugar.

Fried Foods

As per studies, fried foodsare one of the worst immune foods. They are high in fat and raise bad cholesterol.

Red Meat

Red meat like beef, pork, and lamb all raise your blood cholesterol because of the high levels of saturated fat they contain.

Processed/Packaged Foods

Sugar that weakens the immune system can be found in processed foods like bread and cereal. It is any food that is packaged, contains multiple ingredients, and has been mechanically cooked and altered.

Excessive Stawberries

Histamine, a substance that is released by strawberries and is the cause of allergies with a higher risk of sinus issues, causes congestion.

Unripe Bananas

Even fruits that are promoted as healthy contain natural sugars that compromise the immune system. Additionally, especially when the bananas are not ripe, it has a negative impact on digestive health.


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