22 December 2021

15 Proven Weight Loss Tips for Healthy Lifestyle

By Parul Dube

Having key weight loss tips and insights about weight gain in your 30s will assist you in getting back on track.

Eat Home Cooked Food

Home cooked food is considered a perfectly balanced meal containing all macronutrients that fulfils the daily requirement of a body

Avoid Binge Eating

Packaged and fast food contains so many unhealthy calories and is low in micros. It also cannot keep one full for longer and contribute to frequent munching

No to Restrictive Diets

Restriction does not help in weight loss in the long run. No carb, detox diets, liquid diet are fads that are neither sustainable nor a long-term option

Calorie Count

Keep track of your calories and consume within the calorie budget. This helps tremendously to provide all nutrition but also keep a tab on the overeating

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Portion Control

Portion control changes the way we eat and adds value to the weight loss journey. Controlling portion size, whether eating at home or out can be extremely beneficial

Use Smaller Plates

Serving oneself on smaller plates helps you not to overeat and is an easy way to approach weight loss

Mindful Eating

One must be mindful of what one is consuming and how much are they consuming

Increase Protein Intake

Protein is a bodybuilding and macronutrient that keep you full for longer, hence reducing your cravings

Add Fibres

Fibre is also a satiating food and lets one feel full for longer

Avoid Stressful Eating

Stress eating might lead to overeating and thus add to one’s weight. Stressful eating also contributes directly to unhealthy eating habits

Avoid Drinking Calories

Store bought drinks and juices contain empty calories which boosts hunger. Instead have fresh lime juice or coconut water

Exercise Daily

Be it yoga, Pilates, HIIT workouts or weight training, invest in at least 15 mins of workout, every day

Sleep Well

Getting adequate sleep helps your weight loss process, it improves metabolism, betters digestion etc.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Water and fresh, natural juices of fruits and vegetables that not just keeps one full but also supplies the body with all nutrients


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