May 2022

Top 15 Vitamin K Rich Foods

By Parul Dube

Vitamins are required for optimal physiological tissue functioning, growth, and maintenance. It can be found in both plant and animal sources in large quantities.


Kale contains over 681% of the daily value of vitamin K, making it the finest plant-based source of the vitamin.

Collard Greens

Collard greens are one of the most efficient methods to receive a healthy dose of vitamin K, providing 370 % requirement.


Eating spinach is good for your overall health because it contains 402% of your daily vitamin K requirements.


Including vitamin K-rich broccoli in your diet can assist to boost your immunity.


One large egg contains 5% of the daily vitamin K requirement. They also aid in the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and tissue regeneration.


The amount of vitamin K in different types of cheese varies. So, no matter which cheese you love, including it in your diet will provide you with vitamin K.

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Soybeans are high in both vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. Soybeans' key health benefits are their function in diabetic management, boosting blood circulation, and promoting excellent sleep.


For non-vegetarians, chicken is the best source of vitamin K, providing 50% of the recommended dose.


Bacon is also on the list of vitamin K-rich foods. 100g of bacon contains 35 mcg of vitamin K, or 29 percent of the daily value.


Lettuce is a common source of vitamin K in American diets. 100g of raw, green leaf lettuce contains 126mcg of vitamin K.

Green Peas

Their antioxidant properties and high quantities of vitamin C, vitamin K, and zinc all aid to promote immunity.


Prunes have a good quantity of vitamin K, with 60mcg (50 percent DV) per 100g serving.


Kiwis are also beneficial for bone health and preventing cardiovascular disease, in addition to their other health benefits.


The vitamin K content of raw cashews supplies the body with 28% of the daily value.

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are an excellent snack because of their energy-boosting properties.


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