February 2023

Tips for Successful Blood Sugar Monitoring

By Dr. Nikhil Eric Saldanha

You may test your blood sugar once or several times per day. Nonetheless, experts believe that a specific routine with proper monitoring might help you achieve that.

Stock Your Testing Supplies

You should always keep your supplies on hand, including lancets, alcohol swabs, and testing strips. Anything can help you keep track of your blood sugar levels.

Keep a Track of Your Testing Strips

The strips should not have expired because expired strips do not provide accurate results. Throw away old strips if you don't want your blood glucose levels to be affected.

Keep Your Testing Strips Carefully

Keep the strips away from moisture and direct sunlight. It is best to keep it at room temperature, but it should not freeze.

Establish a Routine

As everyone functions differently, you must develop a routine that works for you. Then, once you've established a routine, you begin checking your blood glucose regularly, and it becomes part of your daily routine.

Take Your Glucometer to Your Doctor

It is not always necessary for your meter to be accurate. It would be beneficial if you brought your blood glucose meter to your doctor's appointment.

Create a Journal

You can record the time of day and the time of your meals for your testing. This detailed information is used by doctors to monitor your blood sugar levels.

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