November 2022

The Rules of Eating Pulses to Reap Maximum Benefits

By Mehak Shah

There are three rules for eating pulses that should be followed to reap the most benefits while avoiding anti-nutrients. So, here are some of the steps that you can follow to cook your pulses to perfection.

Soak and sprout before cooking them

Soaking and sprouting aid in the assimilation of amino acids, the reduction of anti-nutrients, and the enhancement of the effect of proteins and micronutrients in pulses and legumes.

Use the correct ratio of pulses and grains

The amount we consume is important in maintaining a healthy diet. Excessiveness or lack of ness can cause a variety of issues, so we must always keep an eye on the ratio we consume.

Have at least five pulses/legumes every week

We must always optimise our intake of all nutrients found in pulses and legumes; we should eat at least five different types of pulses each week and in five different ways each month to enhance gut health.


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