17 March 2022

The Simple Holi Detox that you Deserve

By Parul Dube

Let’s take a step back to know what should be your post-holi ritual.


We can’t emphasize enough to hydrate yourself with water and fresh fruit juices, lemonades and smoothies.

Homemade is the Best

After the enormous buffet that you just enjoyed, it is time to give a break to your stomach. Have light, less-oil foods like oats khichdi, Upma, no fry moong-dal cheela for the next day.

More of Fibre

Alcohol can majorly upset your stomach and you can get a little overboard with the liquor. So, it is recommended to include fruits and vegetables that are rich in fibre.

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Be Active

Just because the weekend is just around the corner, doesn’t mean you can go easy on the workouts. Evening walks and regular stretching can fit into your schedule easily.

Maintain your Sleep Schedule

Late night parties and night outs can be great, but sacrificing your sleep for a night and sulking over it the entire week is oh not okay.

Invest in some Spa Session

If you think you are extremely tired and exhausted from all the chaos, book an appointment to your nearest salon and go for a scalp or body massage session.

Happy Holi People!

Thank your stars it’s a long weekend and you can do all that is up on your mind. Simply remember it is your responsibility to create a safe environment for others.


Diet & Workout Plan