April 2022

6 Warning Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Heart Attack is a medical emergency caused by a blockage in the blood flow to the heart.

Chest Discomfort

Discomfort in the centre or the left side of the chest is the most common symptom of a heart attack. It lasts longer than a few minutes, then disappears and reappears.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath may occur before or during chest pain. Sometimes it may be the only heart attack symptom you experience.

Upper Body Discomfort

Feeling pain in areas of the upper body such as the arms, stomach, jaw, or neck is another warning sign.

Feeling Lightheaded

If you are breaking into a cold sweat accompanied by shortness of breath and chest pain, immediately seek medical help.


A heart attack puts a lot of stress on your heart, leading to extreme exhaustion. Fatigue may begin months before a heart attack.

Heart Palpitations

If the changes in heart rhythm are followed by chest discomfort, dizziness, and intense sweating, then it’s a heart attack.


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