April 2022

6 Signs and Side Effects of Too Much Vitamin D

By Parul Dube

This story discusses 6 symptoms and side effects related to vitamin D toxicity.


With an increase in vitamin D, the intestines absorb more significant amounts of calcium and release it into the body. It leads to hypercalcemia.


Elevated calcium levels in the blood cause dehydration. It can result in polyuria or irregularly large quantities of urine.

Kidney Damage

Kidney damage is another major problem caused by excess vitamin D. Hypercalcemia may form small cysts in the body that can cause organ damage and organ failure.

Heart Attack and Irregular Heartbeat

As per a 2012 study, high calcium content in the blood can reduce the ability of the heart cells to perform.

Lung Damage

An excessive calcium and phosphate level leads to forming crystals that deposit in soft organs like the lungs.

Psychological Impacts

Several studies have shown that an excessive dosage of vitamin D supplements can cause anxiety.


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