Omicron:  The Variant of Concern

9 December 2021

Dr. Nikhil Eric Saldanha

Detected in a COVID test specimen collected on November 9 in South Africa

First Discovered

The variant is expected to have a high number of mutations, relative to other variants


Sign and Symptoms

Fever or chills, Cough, Fatigue, Shortness of breath,Muscle Aches

Vaccine Efficacy against Omicron

Existing Covid-19 vaccine less likely to be effective against the strain

Natural Immunity

No evidence that supports relying on natural immunity from previous Covid-19 infection


Antibody Drug Cocktail used for treating Alpha and Delta Variant, but losing effectiveness against Omicron

The Rise

WHO confirms 24 Countries that have found Omicron variant

Preventions & Precautions

Wearing well-fitting masks, hand sanitization and physical distancing

"Vaccines remain critical to reducing severe disease and death"- WHO