Nov 2022

11 Common Myths Around Egg Yolk Consumption

By Parul Dube

Egg is a good source of protein, but it still has a few common misconceptions about egg yolks. Let’s figure it out.

Eating egg yolks makes people fat

Many people prefer egg whites due to their low calorie content and the misconception that egg yolk increases weight and cholesterol.

Eggs have high cholesterol levels

We've all heard that eating eggs is harmful for our cholesterol levels. Nonetheless, new research has established that eggs have no effect on our blood cholesterol levels.

Brown eggs & white eggs are nutritionally different

Brown eggs are significantly more healthy than their white counterparts, in our opinion. But both the eggs are comparable in terms of nutritional content and health advantages.

The safety of eggs depends on the dates on egg cartons.

The expiration date on an egg carton acts as a guideline for food quality but not for food safety.

Pregnant women should not eat eggs

Pregnant women are frequently advised not to consume eggs. As a result, their infant may have an egg allergy. But this is a misconception.

Raw eggs are healthier than cooked eggs

There are numerous theories that discuss the benefits of consuming raw eggs. But the plus points of eating raw eggs are simply overrated and not confirmed.

Raw eggs comprise more protein than cooked eggs

Although raw eggs may have a different nutrient profile, it is a myth that they will speed up muscle growth.

Egg whites are healthier than whole eggs

Due to their low calorie, cholesterol, and fat content, egg whites frequently fall under the category of healthy foods. The eating of whole eggs has no detrimental effects.

A piece of eggshell accidentally consumed is dangerous

Your throat or oesophagus may be harmed by a large piece of eggshell. However, a small amount of eggshell in your omelette or cake may be inconvenient but not harmful.

You should not eat eggs regularly

Many individuals believe that eating eggs while attempting to lose weight can make you fat. However, eggs have been proven to be a top vitamin source, so you shouldn't avoid them at all costs.

Organic & raw eggs are much better than standard eggs.

You should be aware of how organic, regular, and free-range eggs differ nutritionally. If there is a nutritional difference, it can be found in the eggs produced by chickens on a diet high in omega-3 enhanced foods.


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