April 2022

How to Prevent Headache?

By Parul Dube

Headaches are pain signals sent by the brain between muscles and nerves. Have you ever wondered what could ease a headache? Let’s find out

Balanced diet

Balanced diet is essential to treat a headache. Fruits, nuts, seeds and hydration can really make a difference.

Good sleep pattern

A good sleeping pattern indicates good health and wellness. In addition, sleep deprivation can cause headaches.

Reducing the stress levels

Lifestyle and stress can have an adverse affect on your overall health and headaches can be a symptom of accumulated emotional or physical tension.


Meditation can be a great way that relieves tension and stress. It can relax your mind and be helpful in curing headaches.

Regular breaks from work desk

Staring at the screen can be extremely exhausting and strain your eyes. It may even cause a headache.


Diet & Workout Plan