May 2022

Top 7 High Chromium Foods

By Hiral Patel

This trace mineral, Chromium with diverse health benefits plays a key role in breaking the macronutrients in the body. 


A half-cup serving of this cruciferous veggie Broccoli in a diet enriches the body with 11 micrograms of Chromium along with a few other vitamins.

Grape Juice

Consuming a cup (240ml) of grape juice without any sweeteners provides the body with 8 micrograms of chromium and makes up 21% of the mineral’s daily value.

Whole Wheat Flour

The yummy muffins' mother ingredient, whole wheat flour, is the best to fetch more chromium to the diet.  

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Brewer’s Yeast

This well-known Baker’s Yeast, when consumed at 12g boosts immunity by managing the blood sugar levels and also by offering 3.3 mcg of chromium by adding 9% of the chromium’s daily value


This tasty appetiser provides the diet approximately with 2mcg of chromium for every three-ounce serving with a few other minerals to make a hearty rich meal. 

String Beans

These simple and healthy string beans also called green beans, offer 1.5mcg of Chromium for every 100g serving  

Tomato Juice

This nutritious pulp refreshes the diet with 1.5mcg of Chromium per cup (240ml), which is 4% of the daily value by keeping the blood sugar balanced.


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