May 2023

Health Benefits Of Kalonji 

The seeds of kalonji find their use as a spice and in herbal medicine. Ayurveda speaks highly of kalonji seeds for their ability to treat various ailments. These tiny black seeds have a plethora of health benefits; 10 of which are listed below

Relief From Constipation Kalonji has both preventive and therapeutic effects on gastrointestinal issues. Its oil combined with warm water or black tea can help overcome constipation quickly and effectively.

Reduces Headaches 

Kalonji oil works as a natural remedy for headaches. Applying a few drops to the temples of the forehead will help you relax and ease headaches.

Weight Loss 

Kalonji seeds facilitate weight loss by enhancing your metabolism. Consume it with warm water for the best results. 

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Kalonji is an excellent tooth pain reliever. It is also beneficial for treating bleeding gums and weak teeth. Apply a few drops of kalonji oil to the affected area for faster healing. 

Oral Care

Health Health  

Kalonji is a great heart tonic. It enhances your heart health by lowering the level of bad (LDL) cholesterol. 

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Better Memory  

Kalonji oil is linked to improved memory. Consume the seeds with mint leaves on an empty stomach every morning to boost memory power.  

Diabetes Management 

Kalonji oil can be combined with warm water or black tea and consumed on an empty stomach by people with diabetes for better blood sugar management.