20 December 2021

Top 12 Health Benefits of Jaggery

By Parul Dube

Made primarily from raw, concentrated sugarcane juice, jaggery is packed with essential nutrients that yield multiple health benefits

Prevents Respiratory Problems

Jaggery has natural cleansing agent and is a savior for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis even wheezing

Supports Weight-Loss

Jaggery is good source of potassium that helps balance electrolytes, boosting metabolism as well as building muscles

Controls Blood Pressure

The presence of potassium and sodium in jaggery helps maintain acid levels in the body and thus maintains normal blood pressure levels

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Great Source of Energy

Unlike sugar that offers short-lived energy boost, jaggery provides prevents fatigue and provides gradually increase in glucose levels

Relieves Menstrual Pain

Jaggery helps in  slow release of endorphins that eases abdominal pain occurring from menstrual cramps

Prevents Anemia

Jaggery is rich in both iron and folate. This helps in the generation of red blood cells and thus a good way to prevent anemia

Purifies the Body

Post meal consumption of jaggery help in successfully draining unwanted particles from the intestines, stomach, food pipe, lungs, and the respiratory track

Detoxification of the Liver

Jaggery is a natural cleansing agent, especially for the liver. The natural sweetener helps flush out harmful toxins from one’s body

Prevents Constipation

Consumption of the nutrient-packed sweetener helps to stimulate bowel movements and activation of digestive enzymes in one’s body

Prevents of Cold and Cough

Jaggery leads to the production of heat in the body and also helps cure flu-like symptoms such as cold and cough

Reduces Joint Pain

 Jaggery soothes inflammation and can provide immense pain relief

Jaggery can Boost Immunity

Antioxidants and minerals like selenium and zinc are present in substantial quantities in jaggery are responsible for building immunity


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