17 January 2022

7 Health Benefits of Eggs in your Diet

By Parul Dube

Eggs are known to be high in protein and protein-rich foods are required by the body to repair itself, grow stronger and healthier. Tap to know the nutritional secrets of Eggs.

Egg Yolks Boost Metabolism

Egg yolks contain an element called choline known to be a major source of nutrition to the body.  A single large egg contains 145 milligrams of choline which improves athletic performance.

Good Source of Vitamin D

The egg yolk contains a good amount of vitamin D, which is known to be a very important nutrient that contributes to bone health, reduces weight and treats anxiety.


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Lots of Protein

A single large egg contains about 6 grams of high-quality protein, making it a wonderful choice for those looking to maintain their weight. It nourishes and repairs the body, while keeping one satiated for longer.

Fat for Development

A single large egg contains 5 grams of fat. Though people may avoid it to maintain weight, fat is a nutrient essential for the development of the body.

Healthy for Brain and Body

Eggs contain a good amount of choline, which is known to be a nutrient that is essential for brain development. It also contains lutein that enhances cognitive capabilities in adults and mental abilities in children.

Improve Thyroid Function

Eggs contain iodine and selenium, which are essential nutrients required by the body to synthesize the thyroid hormones and regulate weight loss.

Improve Mood for Controlling Weight

The choline found in eggs can help to boost memory, mood and other brain functions. So, eating eggs can help in regulating mood and in turn can boost metabolism, even aid weight loss.

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