February 2022

10 Proven Health Benefits of Broccoli

By Parul Dube

It is a highly nutritious vegetable, low in carbs and has many essential vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and phytonutrients. We have listed 10 health benefits of broccoli.

Reduces Inflammation

Its high antioxidant profile makes it a contender for fighting inflammation. It contains Kaempferol, a natural flavonoid, which is exceptionally good at reducing inflammation.

Protects Against Cancer

The vegetable contains sulforaphane, a compound with potent anti-cancer properties that help reduce cell damage due to the disease. Broccoli are great at protecting our cells from unwanted invaders.

Controls Blood Sugar

The soluble fibre in broccoli helps regulate blood sugar by slowing down digestion, which then slows down the absorption of sugar and prevents blood sugar spikes.

Improves Bone Health

Broccoli has a high amount of vitamin K, which helps improve calcium absorption. Vitamin K improves bone structure as well as improve weak and brittle bones.

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Contains Anticoagulant Properties

This green tree-like vegetable is abundant in vitamin C and thus helps reduce skin damage, reduce wrinkles and improve the look and feel of your skin.

Aids in Better Digestion

Regularly eating broccoli, cooked or raw, can release daily toxins out of the body and protect oneself from colon cancer. It also reduces constipation and keeps one digestive tract moving.

Improves Brain Function

The nutrient like sulforaphane found in it can help maintain healthy brain and tissue function. It can support the brain and encourage oxygenation. Broccoli is also rich in vitamin K which can strengthen cognitive abilities.

Improves Heart Health

Broccoli lowers the risk by reducing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol. Thus, lowering the risk of heart related ailments.

Good for Eye Health

It also contains beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A, that combats night–blindness. It also has carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which prevents age-related eye disorders.

Supports Hormonal Balance

Broccoli influences estrogen metabolism, shifting it to a favourable hormonal composition. Thus maintaining hormonal balance in the body.


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