21 December 2021

10 Proven Health Benefits of Ash Gourd

By Alpa Momaya

The oval shaped vegetable is also known as the winter melon and provides immense medicinal properties that come in handy in treating various diseases and ailments

Better Digestion

The high water and fibre content of Ash Gourd relieves constipation and bloating and thus promotes digestion

Improves Lung Health

Due to an expectorant property of the vegetable, it helps with loosening phlegm formation in the lungs and nose

Increases Energy Levels

Vitamin B3 present in ash gourds restores energy levels in the body and beats fatigue

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Treats Ulcers

The vegetable is known to have antibacterial properties that prevent the stomach lining from rupturing and can cure peptic ulcers

Contains Anticoagulant Properties

Having natural blood thickening agent, it can help manage internal bleeding

Coold Body

Ash Gourd is a summer vegetable that helps to keep one’s body cool, similar to a cucumber

Relaxes Mind

Beneficial for people with anxiety and insomnia, ash gourd has a mild sedating effect that puts the mind at rest

Controls Bowel Movement

The high-fibre content and natural laxative nature eases bowel movements and prevents constipation

Treats Dandruff

Applying ash gourd paste over your hair, moisturizes the scalp and eliminates dandruff

Plant-based Moisturizer

Regular application of ash gourd gel can be a natural moisturizer and hydrate your skin to reduce irritation and sunburn


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