3 March 2022

6 Goji Berry Benefits Backed by Science

By Parul Dube

These berries have been used in traditional medicine since forever and now it’s time for the world to know its health benefits.


Goji berries have anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial compounds. They have the highest concentration of protein among fruits and contribute to one’s overall health.

Helps in Hair Growth

Goji berry juice with essential oils and almond oil is great for scalp massage. It has anti-inflammatory properties that smoothes irritation and inflammation. It can also condition hair.

Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep

Goji berries help improve depression and anxiety-related conditions. Regular consumption of goji berry strengthens mental acuity and relaxes the mind.

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Improves Kidney Function

As per research, goji berries have active agents which help remove toxins from the body and improve kidney function.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Goji berries are rich in polyphenols. They help get rid of free radicals from the body and are thus highly beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

Improves Fertility

Goji berries are beneficial in Chinese medicine to support fertility and IVF success rates.


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