May 2022

9 Foods that Soothe Nausea

By Parul Dube

 Here are some of the 9 best nutritionist-recommended foods to try.


Traditionally the medicine usage of ginger is known to treat a variety of digestive disorders. According to research, ginger and its components promote active digestion and speed up stomach emptying. 

Clear Beverages and Water

During nausea, the body loses a lot of water. As a result, staying hydrated becomes critical. 

Protein-Rich Foods

As per research, protein induces the release of gastrin secretion. It improves the digestive process of the body and eases nausea. 

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Cold Foods

As some of us are highly sensitive to smell and can become nauseated, cold food helps us keep body fluids down and prevent vomiting. 

Chicken Broth

Soups and broths are a suitable alternative to heavy foods during nausea. Furthermore, the body retains more fluids than solid food content.


Nausea can be caused by too much acid in the stomach. As a result, eating bananas increases the discharge of mucus from the stomach lining and relieves indigestion. 


Rice is a stool-firming food. They're tasteless and lack fibre. They're also high in starch. As a result, bland, starchy food should be ideal to consume during nausea.


When you're feeling nauseated, apples are a great food to consider. They are also highly effective in the restoration of appetite. 


Strong-smelling food materials can make you feel sick by causing nausea. For persons suffering from nausea, dry foods such as toast and crackers can work out well.


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