February 2022

11 Best Foods for Healthy Liver

By Parul Dube

Eating the right foods supports your liver in performing its functions more effectively and keeps it healthy.


Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants present in the form of lycopene. These antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce the risk of fatty liver disease.


Pumpkins are rich in nutrients and a good source of vitamin C, antioxidants and carotenoids, making them a good food for the liver. In addition, it can help to boost your immunity.


Bananas are a rich source of Vitamin B6, C, A, potassium, calcium and magnesium. While Vitamin C and Potassium helps lower the risk of fatty liver disease, magnesium preserves liver functions.


Watermelon is an excellent source of potassium. Potassium present in it helps the nerves and muscles to function correctly. Therefore, it also ensures that the liver works appropriately.

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Salmon is a rich source of omega 3 and researches predict Omega-3 can help reduce inflammation.


Tune contains adequate amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. Eating Tuna twice a week can help lower LDL levels and increase HDL and reduce the risk of developing fatty liver disease.


Avocados are a good source of Glutathione. Glutathione is a compound that detoxifies the liver cells and protects the liver by filtering out the substances that can be toxic to the body.

Mung Beans

According to research, mung beans have a unique role in lipid metabolism. It can help to reduce the hepatic lipid deposition and reduce the chances of inflammation of the hepatic tissue


Papaya seeds are packed with nutrients and contain fibre, antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids etc. These properties help reduce inflammation and heal liver cirrhosis.


Grapes contain Vitamin C and magnesium, which are excellent sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants can help reduce the inflammatory markers in the liver significantly.


Blueberries contain certain antioxidants which can slow down the development of fibrosis, scar tissue, and lesions in the liver tissue cells.


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