May 2023

Different Ways to Incorporate Millets in Our Diet 

With an impressive nutritional profile, imillets can be incorporated into one’s diet easily.  Here are some of the ways you can do so.  

Millet Roti  A fun way to add some fiber and antioxidants to your daily diet is to sprinkle some ragi or jowar powder to your wheat flour. 

Millet Pulao Replace white rice with foxtail millet. Add some of your favourite chopped vegetables and enjoy a healthy and tasty dish  

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Millet Sushi If you want to go fancy yet keep it healthy, millet can be a substitute to white rice. Cook it with salt and water for 15 minutes to receive the same texture.  

Millet Porridge  Start the day with some added immunity. You can mix equal quantities of ragi, jowar, rice and moong dal, along with berries and fruits to have a fabulous take on the regular porridge.  

Millets Chilla  It can be called a high protein breakfast food. You can mix 1 tbsp of ragi powder to your chickpea mix, along with shredded seasonal veggies to prepare these chillas. 

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