August 2022

Different Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

By Hiral Patel

Acupressure entails applying pressure to various locations on the body in order to balance the flow of energy. So, let’s learn about the various acupressure points that aids weight loss.

Ear point

The ear points  SI19, TW21, and GB2  function together to increase energy flow, hence controlling appetite and hunger and improving digestion in the body.

Water Weight

Water weight loss is the greatest immediate advantage of a sauna. You will lose additional water stored in your body as a result of the extreme heat.

Inner elbow

Pressure applied to the inner elbow point LI11 stimulates gut function and rebalances energy to promote digestive functions.

Other points

Aside from these three main pressure points, other pressure points on the body include the knee, below the belly button, at the ankles, and near the ribs.


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