28 January 2022

5 Best Nuts to Consume for Weight Loss

By Parul Dube

Nuts are rich in healthy nutrients that are super beneficial for the human body and provide various vitamins and minerals. Know the health benefits of nuts and how they help to manage body weight.


Walnuts contain an adequate amount of fibre that keeps the belly full for long. As a result, it keeps one satiated and reduces the urge of eating between meals, leading to a lower calorie intake.


Pistachios contain vitamin B6, B1, protein, fibre, and phosphorus. They are also low in calories and fats. Additionally, these macronutrients contribute considerably to immunological and metabolic health.


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Almonds also help lower bad LDL cholesterol and reduce fat because it contains a sufficient quantity of fibre which aids in weight loss. According to research, people consuming an almond rich diet lost an extra pound of weight.


Cashews are a rich source of fibre, protein and are low in sugar. As a result, cashews help limit one’s calorie intake and lose weight. It is also rich in magnesium which regulates carbohydrates and fat mechanisms in the body.


Interestingly, Hazelnuts increase thermogenesis, a process of heat production in the body. It is when the body raises its temperature to burn excess calories. So, you can say consuming hazelnuts before a workout can promote weight loss.

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