February 2022

Top 9 Healthy Calcium Rich Foods

By Parul Dube

Let’s take a look at the other sources of calcium and include them in our diet.


Popular as a good source of protein, soy products are also rich in calcium. Including soybean in your daily diet can ensure you never lose out on calcium consumption.


Packed with vital nutrients, a cup (100 mg) of almonds can give you about 264 mg of calcium. That is great, if you wish to incorporate it into your salads, cereals and even bread.


While oranges may be known for their high vitamin C levels, a 100 g serving of oranges can account for 40 mg of calcium. Breakfast servings of a glass of freshly made orange juice is all you need to keep going.

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Red Millet (Ragi)

100g of millets can give you as much as 364 mg of calcium, you might want to rethink your calcium source.

Black Eyed Peas (Chora/Chawli)

A 100 gm serving of back eyed peas for chora may give you 126 mg of calcium. Put some of these peas into your salads or even serve as a delicious curry.

Turnip Leaves

The greens(leaves and stalk) of a turnip are said to be a great source of calcium. A 100 g serving of turnip greens yields about 190 mg of the vital nutrient.


A 100 g serving of cooked spinach accounts for around 99 mg of calcium along with iron and micronutrients.

Okra (Bhindi)

Everyone’s favourite okra is a calcium dense food. A 100 g serving of the same gives you about 86 mg of calcium when it is not overcooked or fried.

Amaranth (Rajgira)

Amaranth seeds, also called Rajgira, are an excellent source of calcium. A 100 g serving of amaranth seeds, in flour or grain form, provides you with 330 mg of calcium.


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