February 2022

9 Potential Health Benefits of Velvet Bean

By Parul Dube

Velvet beans is a legume widely known for its medicinal properties. It helps treat anxiety, depression, snake bites and even infertility.

Improves Brain Function

Velvet Bean conatins an amino acid called Levodopa (L-Dopa). It is the precursor to dopamine that increases dopamine neurotransmission and helps transmit nerve signals to the brain.

Anti-Parkinson’s Effect

Parkinson’s can be caused due to deficiency in dopamine. Velvet bean nutrients may help to permeate and boost dopamine levels in the brain and limit Parkinson's symptoms naturally.

Anti-Cancer Effect

Including velvet beans in your diet may increase glutathione, catalase levels in the body and prevent the growth of cancer cells. The methanol content in beans can also reduce tumour growth.

Healthy Reproductive System

Velvet beans extract consist of a wide range of alkaloids, which may revive testosterone synthesis and enhance your sperm count, motility and viability.

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Prevents Bacterial Infections

The methanol extract of velvet beans shows the highest antimicrobial activity against all bacterial and fungal species. It also helps in treating intestinal worm infestation.

Anti-Venom Properties

Velvet bean extracts synthesise antidotes against Viper Venom. It contains proteins similar to snake venom proteins which triggers antibodies when counteracted with snake venom.

Prevents Iron Deficiency

Velvet beans are rich in iron. Iron is required by the body to create red blood cells and thus it may prevent iron deficiency disorders like anemia.

Mood Stabilizer

Velvet beans lower the body’s cortisol levels. It alteres heart rate, blood pressure, headaches resulting from stress and may control anxiety. It is considered a natural antidote for depression and stress.

Increases Cognitive Effects

The velvet bean is full of nootropic elements, which may boost your brain functions, cognition and enhance memory.


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