25 January 2022

11 Amazing Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

By Mehak Shah

It’s a wonder medicine with remarkable medicinal and disinfecting capabilities. It also helps strengthen your immunity. However, it is harmful for oral consumption. Therefore, you should refrain from swallowing it. Tea tree oil is solely for external use.

Toenail Fungus (onychomycosis)

Applying a 100% tea tree oil solution may help cure toenail fungal infections. It has antiseptic and antifungal properties. Therefore, it works effectively on nail fungus.

Treatment of Athlete’s foot

A 2002 study suggests that a 25% to 50% of its solution may help treat athletes’ feet. Studies further indicate that tea tree oil 10% cream works almost as well as tolnaftate 1% cream for curing athlete’s foot symptoms.

May Help Oral Health

Chronic gingivitis is an inflammatory gum disorder that can be treated  with tea tree oil. A study proves that it can be more effective in reducing and treating bleeding and inflammation than a placebo or a chlorhexidine antiseptic gel.


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May Improves Healthy Hair

Tea tree oil can help treat many conditions related to hair. It can help improve hair quality.

May Prevents Head lice

As head lice have become immune and more resistant to medical treatment, specialists increasingly examine essential oils as an option. Therefore, tea tree oil and nerolidol, a natural chemical found in various essential oils, were tested for head lice.

Tea Tree Oil for Skin

Australians have been using tea tree oil as a healing remedy for more than a century, notably for skin disorders.

Heals Wounds

Tea tree oils are effective in fastening the process of healing wounds. They push the activity of white blood cells that help ward off infections, boosting the healing process

Anti - Inflammatory

Tea tree oil’s anti-inflammatory properties aid to soothe and alleviate itchy, inflamed skin. It may also help reduce oedema and redness.

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