25 January 2022

12 Health Benefits of Tamarind

By Mehak Shah

People use tamarind as traditional medicine. Its pulp contains a wide variety of nutrients that can boost your immunity. Its leaves, beans, bark, and woods have many uses.

Prevents Cancer

The most common risk factors for cancer include ageing, tobacco and sun exposure. adiation exposure, chemicals and family history of cancer are other such elements.

Brain Health and Nerve Function

Tamarind is rich in B vitamins, especially pyridoxine or B6, thiamine or B1 and folate or vitamin B9. These vitamins are good for health.

Promotes Bone Health

Healthy bones are crucial to support the proper functioning of your joints and for your movement. In addition, they protect your brain, heart, and other organs from injury.

Improves Heart Health

A healthy heart is essential for overall good health. Tamarind has a high source of polyphenols and flavonoids. Research suggests that it decreases LDL cholesterol levels and increases good HDL cholesterol.


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Protects Liver

Tamarind contains antioxidants called procyanidins. It protects the liver from radical injury, it has a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids as well.


Tamarind is a natural remedy for diabetes. It helps regulate the glucose levels in your blood. As per research, Tamarind Seed Coat Extract (TSCE) has the potential anti-diabetic effect to regulate blood sugar.

Maintains Digestive Health

Tamarind water is an excellent decoction for your digestive system. It stimulates bowel movements and excretion. It acts as a natural laxative. Finally, it boosts your metabolism to maintain a robust digestive system.

Improves Blood Circulation

The potassium in tamarind controls your blood pressure and heart rate by regulating normal fluid balance. It also has iron that aids the normal synthesis and development of red blood cells.

Tamarind in Promoting Weight Loss

Tamarind contains hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which aids weight loss. It inhibits fat-storing enzymes in your body.

Boosts Immunity

As per research, tamarind is a rich source of vitamin C and other antioxidants. Along with its benefits of boosting your immunity, it also has antiseptic properties that heals infection and wounds.

Improves Eye Health

Tamarind is a rich source of vitamin A and the decoction of its water prevents various eye disorders.

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