23 December 2021

6 Magical Benefits of Eating Star Fruit

By Hiral Patel

This tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia and has gained popularity across the world for its myriad of uses and benefits. Star Fruit is an exotic delight that possesses several nutrients

Nutritional Facts

For every 100g of serving, you consume: – Fat 0.3g – Carbohydrates 7g – Dietary Fiber 2.8g – Protein 1g

Prevents Inflammation

The star fruit is a good source of vitamin C. A single serving of this fruit has 57% of your daily recommended vitamin C intake that cleanses body and has anti-inflammatory qualities

Good for Heart

Star Fruit is loaded with important minerals like sodium and potassium that regulates blood pressure and stables heartbeat rhythm

Fights Diabetes

This fruit is high in fibre and makes for a healthy, guilt-free snack for both diabetic and non-diabetic people. It helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels

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Improves Digestion

Contains two types of Vitamin B- riboflavin and folate, also referred to as folic acid in dietary supplements. The fruit stimulates digestion

Healthy Hair and Skin

The rich presence of antioxidants along with vitamin B and C in starfruit aids healing of skin and hair cells which in turn leads to shining hair and glowing skin

Regulates Weight

Being low in sugar makes the star fruit an ideal snack and the high fibre content also improves metabolism, ensuring calorie burn

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