Nov 2022

Benefits of Soaking Almonds and Pulses Before Eating

By Mehak Shah

These high-protein foods are a great snack both unsoaked and soaked. However, soaked almonds increase nutritional absorption and provide health benefits such as the ones listed below here.

Helps Improve Food Texture

As the farmers frequently use heavy chemicals to give pulses shine and colour soaking them aids in the removal of these chemicals and  improves their texture.

Decreases Cooking Time

Almonds and pulses cook more quickly when they have been soaked. This is due to the fact that soaking pulses for a number of hours increases their water content, which causes cooking processes like starch gelatinization to proceed more quickly.

Removes Compounds that cause Bloating

People get bloated and have stomach pain when they eat more nuts and pulses, but soaking them helps them to prevent the degree of discomfort caused.

Increased mineral-absorption

The body requires nutrients like zinc, iron, and calcium for metabolism, immunity, and bone health. Lentils that have been soaked allow for simple absorption of these nutrients by our bodies.

Easier to digest

Nuts and legumes contain difficult-to-digest indigestible fibres, soaking them in water causes these fibres to leach out and make the food easier to digest.

Improves Brain Health and Memory

According to studies, soaking almonds increases their ability to absorb vitamin E, vitamin B6, omega 3 fatty acids, and omega 6 fatty acids, all of which help to improve brain function.

Reduces Hair-fall

Regular consumption of soaked almonds helps to maintain healthy hair. Almonds and pulses are both top-notch protein sources that help stop hair loss.

Helps with weight management

A great low-calorie snack would be some soaked pulses and some soaked almonds. It satisfies our appetite, meets all of our nutritional needs, and prevents obesity.

Aids Natural Pregnancy

High-folate foods like soaked pulses and almonds support a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Although they contain folate when they are raw, soaked ones are easier to absorb.


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