April 2022

7 Health Benefits of Red Root

By Parul Dube

North America’s native shrub, red roots have been used as a herbal remedy for centuries for their antibacterial and antiviral nature. Also, this magical shrub provides outstanding immune support by cleansing the body with its spectral health benefits. 

Suitable for Heart Health

The presence of Tannin compounds in red roots helps the body reduce oxidative stress levels and benefits the heart and the blood vessels by maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Reduces the Risk of Genetic Mutation

The risky ailments causing mutagens present in processed foods are inhibited by the compound Tannins in red roots by maintaining the human metabolic homeostasis.

Antibacterial effects

Red Roots’ natural plant-based alkaloids prevent the spread of bacterial and viral infections by inhibiting the transcription of various pathogens and by preventing the expression of these pathogens that causes ailments.  

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Beneficial for Thalassemia patients

As per research, using red roots with a standard medication helps to improve the abnormal haemoglobin and reduce the enlarged spleen by providing the case with better blood results. 

Beneficial for Lymphatic System

The effective antioxidant properties of Red Roots help the lymphatic system eliminate the free radicals and also by promoting a perfect health condition. 

 Improves Digestive System

The highly effective extracts of the Red Roots help to promote good gut health and digestion. In addition, it promotes the growth of good gut bacteria by boosting overall health.

Helps Detox

Red Roots tea helps to detox the body by eliminating the toxins caused as a result of modern lifestyles and pollutants through the lymphatic system and revamps the body to work effectively.


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