April 2022

7 Benefits of Pelargonium Sidoides

Its plant roots are distilled into an extract to treat health conditions. Let’s know more about this herb.

Treat Respiratory Diseases

This herb enhances the body’s natural healing ability and treats symptoms linked to bronchitis, which include fever, headache, sputum in the lungs, fatigue and chest pain while coughing.

Antibacterial Properties

Pelargonium sidoides wards off bacteria holding on to the cells, aids in fighting against viruses and helps stimulate the immune system to track down any foreign invaders.

Good for Skin Health

Pelargonium sidoides oils have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which naturally boost skin health and provide a healthy glow.

Helps Treat Stomach Ailments

People of South Africa use pelargonium sidoides roots as the main ingredient in a local remedy to cure a stomach ailment in infants called Instila.

Helps Treat Various Diseases

One of the most captivating herbal aids of Pelargonium sidoides has been curing tuberculosis,  which eventually led to its foundation in the late 1890s in Europe.

Used in Ethnoveterinary Applications

Pharma companies use it in deworming medicines like ivermectin, interrupting the bacterial cycle and killing the currently established bacteria.

Contains Healthy Metabolites

It has reasonable amounts of simple oxygenated coumarins and thus is an excellent source of secondary metabolites.


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