February 2022

10 Health Benefits of Mulberries

By Parul Dube

Native to Asia and North America, mulberries are widespread due to their sweet taste, excellent nutritional value, and numerous health benefits. Let’s discuss the numerous health benefits of mulberries.

Good for Your Kidneys

Mulberry extracts are beneficial for those suffering from kidney damage caused by diabetes, known as diabetic nephropathy.

Makes Your Hair Healthy

Mulberry aids the production of melanin that retains the natural colour of one’s hair. So, one suffering from premature greying of the hair benefits from it.

Brightens Your Skin

These berries evens out skin tone and reduces dark spots. Resveratrol, found in mulberries, protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and the antioxidants are great anti-ageing agents

Good for Your  Lungs

Mulberries inhibit two pathogens responsible for lung infections. These are influenza viruses and Pneumococci.

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Leads to Weight Loss

Black mulberries have pectin that is a fibre usually found in fruits. It acts as a laxative to help stool pass through the bowels and facilitate digestion. Thus, it aids weight loss.

Help Increase Blood Circulation

High iron content in mulberries boosts the production of red blood cells. These berries increase oxygen distribution to essential tissues and organs.

Improve Vision

Zeaxanthin is one of the carotenoids found in mulberries. It further acts as an antioxidant and prevents retinal damage, prevents cataract and improves eyesight.

Reduce Risk of Cancer

The anthocyanins and pharmaceutical ingredients in mulberries possess anti-cancer effects. The presence of resveratrol in mulberries also prevents the growth of cancer cells.

Improves Immunity

The polyphenols content in mulberries ensure the health of the blood vessels by promoting immunity to foreign pathogens via various pathways and initiate immune responses.

Mulberry Builds Tissue

The presence of vitamin K, calcium, and iron in mulberries stops bone degradation and bone disorders.


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