April 2022

6 Health Benefits of Mamey Fruit

By Parul Dube

Tap to know the numerous health benefits of this Mamey Fruit.

Antioxidant Effect

Mamey fruit is rich in vitamin C. Studies show that vitamin C has antioxidant properties that reduce inflammation and cell damage.

Supports Digestive Health

Mamey fruits are rich in fibre, with 5.4g per 100 grams. Studies show that fibre helps in improving digestive diseases.

Improves Skin Health

Its high vitamin C content stimulates collagen synthesis, which improves skin elasticity and slows down skin ageing.

Protects Against Anaemia

The mamey fruit is an excellent source of folate. Therefore, it can reduce the risk of anaemia.

Improves Heart Health

It imparts a beneficial effect on our heart health, notably reducing bad cholesterol, a significant risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Improves Immunity

Studies report that vitamin C might strengthen immunity and improve the production of immune cells.


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