April 2022

6 Health Benefits of Lemon Verbena 

By Parul Dube

Lemon Verbena is a flowering plant which is otherwise known as Lemon Beebrush having a citrus aroma and taste.

Aids Weight Loss

Research suggested that using lemon verbena extract helped reduce fat accumulation and improved the ratio of gut microbes.

Helps in Muscle Conditioning

According to studies, high antioxidant qualities reduce muscle damage during workouts and allow your body to generate stamina.

Remedy for Throat Issues

You can use lemon verbena leaves to alleviate the discomfort of respiratory congestion and a sore throat.

Sterilizes Wounds

Having amazing anti-inflammatory qualities, lemon verbena can help prevent future wound aggravation and ease burns and itching.

Improves Joint Functioning

Verbascoside is the principal chemical component of lemon verbena herbal tea. It’s the substance with the highest health advantages.

Improves Digestion

People use DIY home remedies containing lemon verbena to alleviate intestinal spasms and gastric pains.


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