24 January 2022

9 Surprising Health Benefits of Kidney Beans

By Parul Dube

Kidney beans is a legume that is a great source of protein. Containing many bioactive compounds, minerals, nutrients, and essential amino acids, it can be also consumed by vegans.

Prevents Cancer

Regular intake of kidney beans also reduces the risk of colorectal polyps and reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Glycemic Control

Kidney Beans have bioactive compounds like phenolics, anthocyanin, are starch resistant and contain other factors which help protect against the development of diabetes and show antioxidant effects. 

Regulates Metabolism

Kidney beans regulate the glycemic content in the blood and the presence of fibres promotes a healthy metabolism.

Regulates Heart Health

Regular intake of kidney beans leads to decreased LDL cholesterol, which essentially improves overall heart health. Moreover, kidney beans also contain less saturated fat and high amounts of protein, contributing to a healthy heart.


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Weight Management

The low amount of saturated fat and high amount of fibres in kidney beans makes one feel satiated and keeps them full for long. Thus, one can avoid overeating and manage weight respectively.

Good Source of Dietary Fibres

Every hundred grams of kidney beans contains 5.7 g of fibre. It improves overall gut health by regulating bowel movements. As a result, they can prevent constipation, regulate metabolism and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Lowers Cholesterol

According to research, there is a high content of complex carbohydrates and dietary fibres in kidney beans. As a result, it lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, and promotes a healthy heart.

Improves Memory

The presence of vitamin B1 in kidney beans contributes significantly to healthy cognitive functioning where Vitamin B1 synthesises acetylcholine. It also ensures proper brain activity and boosts concentration.

Anti-oxidative Properties

Manganese found in kidney beans aid the body’s antioxidant defences. As a result, it efficiently destroys harmful free radicals and even reduces inflammation.

Acts as a Natural Detoxifier

Kidney beans have molybdenum which detoxifies the body of sulphites and treats people with sulfite allergy.

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