28 January 2022

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Jackfruit

By Parul Dube

This tropical fruit is rich in vitamin A, C, riboflavin, carotenoids, magnesium, potassium, and fibre. The variety of jackfruit offers tremendous health benefits and nutrition.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Jackfruit has a low glycemic index and is high in fibre which reduces the absorption of sugar in the blood. Thus, it helps to maintain blood sugar levels.

Reduces Risk of Several Diseases

Vitamin C present in jackfruit prevents various diseases like inflammation, it releases oxidative stress from the body and removes free radicals. It controls cell damage, soreness, and prevents inflammation caused by chronic diseases.


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Build a Strong Immune System

Jackfruit contains high amounts of Vitamin C and Vitamin A that helps to build a robust immune system. As per research, vitamin A plays a vital role in regulating cellular immune responses and humoral immune processes.

Keeps the Skin Healthy

The antioxidants present in jackfruit helps in helping one keep healthy skin. Vitamin A and vitamin C prevents sun damage, photoaging, collagen breakdown and slowing cell turnover.

Helps in Better Digestion

Jackfruit is a natural laxative and is helpful to provide relief from constipation. It is also high in fibre that helps in better digestion and aids bowel movements.

Helps in Weight Loss

The sucrose and fructose in the fruit increase energy and do not accumulate as fat. It is also low in sodium which prevents water retention and accelerates one’s weight loss process.

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